Filter systems for fish tanks

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Several types of filters

1.Undergrowth filter

2.Sponge filter

3.Power filter

4.Air drive filter

5.Hang on back – External filter

Undergrowth Power Filter : This is a hybrid filter that can be easily made by combining an undergrowth filter and a power filter.It can also be used for large tanks and small ponds.

After applying a power filter or power head, many people have problems,

  • Not filtering properly
  • Water green or brown
  • Smell the odor
  • Rapid water contamination
  • More issues.

Reasons for above problems – Power Filter / Head Capacity or Flow Rate

Fluoride is the amount of water that passes from the tank through the filter and is filtered back into the tank within an hour. It is mentioned on the label on the Power head filter. On average it can be 250 liters – 10,000 liters or more per hour.

E.g. – 3000 L / hr : That is mean, 3000 liters per hourĀ  coming out of the filter.

Generally 4 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 feet wide is more suitable for a tank (250 liters)

Float rate between 1000/1300 is a power head or a power filter.

But the floret may change with the following,

  1. Depending on the number of times the food is fed into the tank
  2. Depending on the type of food served
  3. Fish according to tank size
  4. According to the type of fish
  5. Depending on the number and method of changing the water in the tank

If you want to calculate the flow rate of your tank, visit the link below.

Link to Calculator

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