Grade 06 ICT Lesson 03 Activity 01

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Competency 3 :

Uses operating systems

Competency Level 3.1:

Handles files

Time : 02 periods

Learning Outcome:

 Creates and saves a file

 Opens and edits a file

 Practices to maximize/minimize/resize a window


 File handling using a simple drawing software

o Create

o Save

o Open

o Edit

o Close

 Minimizing / Maximizing / Resizing of a window

Concepts and terms to be highlighted:

 Create and save a file using a simple drawing software

 Open, edit and close a file using a simple drawing software

 Maximize/ minimize/ resize a window

Guidance for lesson Plan:

 Discuss and Demonstrate the Interactive Development Environment (IDE) through a simple drawing software (Example: Paint, … etc.)

 Discuss how a file can be opened, viewed and closed with a simple drawing of the software

 Create a new file and edit a created picture using above the simple drawing software

 Demonstrate the File handling function, using a simple of the drawing software (open, create, edit, save and close)

 Divide the students into groups

 Provide a picture to the groups and give an opportunity to the students to create it

Guidance for assessments and evaluations:

 Ask the groups to create a sample picture file using a simple drawing software

(Example: Paint)

 Ask students to open/ edit/ save and close an image file using a drawing software

 Ask students to create an image file and perform file handling operations by using drawing software

Quality inputs:

 Computers with drawing software

 Sample image/picture

Operating system and File management

Activity 3.1


1 . The following image is a model of a computer screen.

(With the help of your teacher, open an operating system and identify the components of a computer screen.)

2 . The column A contains trademarks of some operating systems. Match those trademarks with the correct name in the column B.

Put your answers:

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