How important is this insurance?

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Sri Lanka Insurance was incorporated by a special act of Parliament in 1961. It was formed by nationalizing the insurance industry which was run by various local and foreign private companies.

On 4 June 2009, the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka annulled the sale of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation in 2009.

Eight suicide bombings in Sri Lanka, which shocked the world on the 21st of last November, have resulted in the loss of many innocent lives.

All is not done but lost their lives to us. All have been left in a state of uncertainty about when and where to die.

Every time we talk about this, it is more important to anticipate what is going to happen and prepare for it, rather than fix it after something happens.

The tragedy is over.

They have lost their lives, their bodies are buried. This is not the time to cry any more. Many lives to be lost, children to be lost, parents to be lost, no children Wasn’t it because there was no preparedness for the possible risk that a group of orphans left behind?

Then you think …

If there is an explosion on the way or the spot you are on, first cover your ears with your hands and lie down where you are …

Just wait until the explosion is over and you feel safe. Then follow the instructions given by the security forces.

Always be kind to the security forces. Because they are committed to risking their lives to protect you. Do not give the security personnel any misleading information.

When traveling, use non-crowded routes, be as sensible as possible and be careful about everything.

If you die, partially or permanently paralyzed by these things, do not let the lives of you and your dependents be paralyzed … Prepare to risk before the risk comes to pass. Safeguard their future.

This is the time. We must be careful not to repeat mistakes.
No Soul for all those who died !!!
May all living beings not get into trouble like this !!!

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