Hybrid filter for fish tanks

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sponge power filters are not so successful. But a more successful filter system can be easily created by combining gravel filters and power heads.

Connect the power head to the top of the tube (pipe) section coming up from the undergrowth filter. Connect the tube and the power head so that they are well sealed.

First remove the sponge section of the power filter and attach the tube and plate of the undergrowth filter to the corner of the tank. Here it is better to increase the plate.

Then place small chips or small pieces of gravel on the plate until 2 or 3 inches thick. It is sufficient to apply a thin layer of chips to the other surface of the tank.

It is better to use more chips.

Finally, do not forget to connect an air pipe to the power head. One is very important.

This is because the nitrogenous effluent from the fish accumulates on the surface of the grout and under the filter plate.

This is a very unfavorable situation for fish. But these filters alleviate that situation.

The air tube releases oxygen from the surrounding air into the tank, which activates the beneficial bacteria in the waste and converts it into nitrogen and ammonia gases, which are then released into the water and detoxified.

This is why it is more important to provide an air with a power filter or a power undergrowth filter.

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